Sonnet Fidelity

All my love I’ll be careful
Before, and with such zeal, and always, and both
That even in the face of the greatest charm
It is more enchanted my thoughts.

I want to live it in every moment will
And in its honor I must spread my song
And laugh my laughter and shed my tears
When she is sad or your contentment

And so when later look for me
Who knows death, who lives in anguish
Who knows loneliness, end of the loving

I can say I love (I had):
Let it not be immortal, since it is flame
But that is infinite while it lasts.- Vinícius de Morais.


All The Love Letters

All love letters are
Ridiculous .
They would not be love letters if they were not
Ridiculous .

I also wrote in my time love letters,
Like the others,
Ridiculous .

The love letters , if there is love ,
Must be
Ridiculous .

But ultimately,
Only creatures who have never written
Love Letters
You are
Ridiculous .

I wish the time of writing
Without realizing it
Love Letters
Ridiculous .

The truth is that today
My memories
These love letters
You are
Ridiculous .

(All bizarre words,
How the freak feelings ,
They are naturally
Ridiculous . ) – Fernando Pessoa.